South Puget Sound: The Art of Community, May 20, 2021

05/20/2021 05:00 PM - 05/31/2021 PT

Spokane: 8 Lakes Leg Aches, May 30-June 5, 2021

05/30/2021 - 06/05/2021
May 30 to June 5, 2021, we will be hosting the 23rd annual 8 Lakes Leg Aches VIRTUAL bike ride. You pick your favorite ride. Take the journey from your own doorstep during the week of May 30th-June 5th. Ride in one session or break it up into sections throughout the week.

Taste of the World Sponsorship Portal

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Taste of the World, the signature fundraiser supporting services for refugees, asylees and immigrants at Refugees Northwest. We believe that every person forced to flee war, persecution and terror can heal, thrive, and enrich our community with their unique gifts and strengths.

Tri-Cities Holding Hope - May 13, 2021

05/13/2021 07:00 PM - 05/15/2021 PT
Join Lutheran Community Services Northwest for our first annual Youth Mental Health Benefit: Holding Hope which takes place virtually on May 13th. This year’s theme is “Unseen” where we will focus on the signs, struggles, and stories of youth who have suffered through the hardships of mental and behavioral health challenges. LCS Northwest's annual Holding Hope Benefit will help us continue to provide necessary mental and behavioral health services for youth in our neighborhoods and communities.
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